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T-shirts call for simple graphics, not intricate ones. This is your chance to get all Rothko. Note the shorter sleeves and how the tee hits just barely below the waist. That's how a good tee fits.

When you get a new tee, yank on the collar a bit. You don't want it choked around your neck.


Five White T-shirt and Jeans Outfits

Is there anything easier than a t-shirt and a pair of jeans? There certainly isn’t. Yet, I ask you, is there anything more boring than a t-shirt and a pair of jeans? For this week’s One Item, Five Fashionable Ways, here are five white t-shirt and jeans outfits to give you some ideas and inspiration.

How to Wear Fall Fashion Trends In Warm Weather

Today’s post was inspired by readers of this blog who have been loving the posts about fall trends but told me that they wish they could actually start wearing them. For these readers, who live in places like Florida, Arizona and other places, where it will be a long time before the thermometer will dip, I wanted to share some tips on how these readers can embrace fall even though it is still hot where they live.

Make the most out of your t-shirts and jeans with these 25 Ways to Style tips. Dress up the outfit for a night out by putting on a pair of heels and tucking the front of your shirt into your pants. A statement necklace or stylish blazer can go a long way from taking your outfit from drab to fab. Even if you’re just picking the kids up from school, there are quick changes you can make to the outfit to make you look fashion savvy, while still being comfy. Check out all the helpful tips in 25 Ways to Style: T-Shirt and Straight Leg Jeans…
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